To create and sustain an opportunity that empowers disabled people to develop and deliver creative strategies for engagement with their community.


The ambition for Disability Pride is to create an environment that empowers disabled people to come together as a community and celebrate disability. This will provide a powerful change driver for disabled people and will seek to promote the ideals of an inclusive, powerful, positive, and engaging community. It will present a vibrant alternative narrative, shifting it to one of inclusion, positivity, and empowerment.


The idea of Disability Pride originated in the USA and has recently trickled in the UK mainly through international companies promoting the initiative at a regional level.   When our co-founders Celia, Matt, and Solène became an aware of the need to provide a structure for Disability Pride in the UK that wasn’t dominated by corporate CSR/EDI programmes or aligned to specific disabilities or organisations.  This is aligned to an ambition to amplify the positivity and achievements of disabled people in a way that celebrates diversity and difference – giving our community the recognition it deserves.

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